Mike Potter, Adobe – Thanks Guys!

So, I was checking my mail today and a mysterious package arrived from Amazon. Now, it could have been anything but to my complete shock and awe, it was from Mike Potter at Adobe. Here are some blurry photos from my phone:


I had added the cookbook to my Amazon wish list shortly after Flex 3 was released, as I wanted to dive in and learn everything I could about the newest version of Flex. I really appreciate the gift, and to all of the Adobe team, thank you. You guys have delivered a great product, and you really know how to reach out and touch the community.

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OnAir Bus Tour – Atlanta

This post is kind of a stub, I’m sitting in the Fox Theatre ready to live-blog. ;)

The event started awhile ago, and I’ve been blogging it as it happens. As always, you can always hit the live video feed instead of reading my transcripts & witty commentary as well.

A special thanks to WeatherFlow Inc. for flying me out to the tour.

Information: http://onair.adobe.com/schedule/cities/atlanta.php

Live Feed: http://onair.adobe.com/live/

Live blogging after the jump…


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